Patient Testimonials

Hear what our patients are saying about their experience with us!

Sarah B.
15:58 24 Oct 22
Dr. Kilgore was amazing. The process was so easy and I got a quick appointment!
elizabeth M.
00:14 19 Oct 22
Such pleasant staff and Doctor I can’t wait to start my orthodontic treatment
Sheneikia C.
23:57 15 Aug 22
Great experience the ladies here are very nice. I would recommend this place to anyone!
Diego P.
13:10 15 Jul 22
Very great experience! My teeth don’t even hurt so far 🙂
Kalissa T.
17:42 12 Apr 22
My first initial appointment was on 2/17/22 and the staff showed me nothing but professionalism and respect since. I was there to have all four of my wisdom teeth pulled last month, and the staff and doctor was so nice and patient with me. They explained everything to me, and answered any questions that i had with no hesitation. Today, i went to have my braces put on, and once again, they delivered exceptional service. I would recommend this place to anyone.
shaquinta, M.
16:23 13 Feb 22
My son had 8 teeth removed on 2/11/22. Four wisdom and four permanent teeth. He haven't experienced any pain are discomfort and no swelling. Everyone in the office was friendly and welcoming. They explained everything and how to care for him once home. Great experience.
Rose S.
03:19 01 Feb 22
1 month post wisdom teeth removal and my teeth are doing great. They did a fantastic job. I was fine within a few days
Haley G.
15:49 12 Dec 21
Very professional! So happy with my Invisalign results!!
Angel M.
15:57 29 Oct 21
One of my wisdom teeth was causing me so much pain, I live in Greensboro and couldn’t find anywhere to get a quick removal that also accepted insurance. I Called here Wednesday for an appointment, came in today and had the problem tooth removed for an amazing cost. The staff was friendly, helpful and quick. The doctor had the tooth out in a matter of minutes. I will definitely be scheduling an appointment for the other three to be removed. It was worth the hour and a half drive.
Gianna C.
00:24 29 Oct 21
Great place, super nice staff and the orthodontist are so amazing!
Andre L.
23:56 28 Oct 21
Enjoyed my visit here! Huge shout out to Dr. Forrest, Kristine and the amazing Orthodontics team! Such a friendly and warm atmosphere 10/10 would recommend! Thanks Riverbend
Sergio E.
14:44 26 Aug 21
Made me feel comfortable 😌 ☺ Very affordable and great staff.....
Sherry B.
14:14 23 Aug 21
This was my first experience at age 56 needing an orthodontist. The staff and orthodontist were VERY polite! My friendly consultation put me at ease. I purchased invisalign braces. Can't wait to get them. I highly recommend Riverbend for your dental needs!!
Bridget A.
17:44 10 Jun 21
This place is absolutely amazing and would recommend them to literally anyone. The staff was beyond friendly, treating me like I’ve been their friend for years!! They helped calm my nerves and we’re just very patient with me overall. They explained what was going to happen with the whole wisdom tooth extraction process and just overall 5 star experience. They also play some bumpin music in the lobby which helps distract you from whatever you’re about to get done in there. I love this place☺️👍🏼
Jayla C.
13:14 05 May 21
First of all the doctor is the best. Dr. Soung is absolutely amazing. When he took my wisdom teeth out, I had no pain afterwards, minimal swelling, and no discomfort at all after the surgery. I am 100% happy with my decision to see him for this procedure. His team is just as amazing as he is, from the ladies in the front to his dental assistants. They are very sweet. The office is brand new and clean also. They are truly wonderful.
EviG B.
21:48 11 Mar 21
“Oh my gosh! What a great experience!“All the staff at this office are great. Always have a smile on their face and always eager to make sure my needs are met. You’re not just “another patient” to them, and it shows. I have never heard anyone talk about a “bad experience” at Riverbend Orthodontic & Oral Surgery …because there aren’t any.Dr.George Soung (Riberbend Orthodontics & Oral Surgery ) He's one of the best doctors that I've seen in a long time. Today Dr. George removed a cyst and 2 wisdom teeth, My procedure went by very fast actually, and I woke up and was actually amazed that it was already over. Obviously, after getting your wisdom teeth out, you're a little loopy, but it was actually fine. ❤️Again the staff was amazing. Everybody from the front desk to the dental assistants, everybody was number one (número uno), the best you can get around. I would definitely recommend Dr George Soung (Riberbend Orthodontics & Oral Surgery). I told my general Dentist about my experience and he told me he is going to start sending people to Riberbend Orthodontics & surgery for Oral surgery.I believe a good job deserves recognition. They most definitely have ours!Thank you to the entire team. From our family to yours.” 🇨🇷Pura Vida ♥️riverbendorthodontist.comUpdate 2/26/211day after the surgery no pain at all just a little bit of swelling but that’s normal. And again Thank you so o much you all are the best******************3/11/21***************************Today was my follow up, let me tell you, the healing process has been amazing, I haven't experienced any pain, I was pretty much back to normal immediately, when Dr. Dr. George Soung showed me the Xs rays (before and after) WOW, it's amazing the quality of work that Dr. Soung did. Thank you so much.
Briana S
21:50 18 Feb 21
I had to have an impacted 3rd molar removed and my experience was great. From the beginning, Dr Soung was very personable and did a great job explaining the procedure and everything I could expect. His confidence is his work put me at ease and helped to ease my nerves about the procedure. The entire staff was really nice, helpful and made sure I was comfortable and didn't have any concerns. Thank you Dr Soung and staff! You made this process easy, pain free and very minimal swelling. I am very pleased with the services I received and would highly recommend this office!
josh W.
14:10 04 Feb 21
Got upper wisdom removed and the entire process was awesome. The staff was great an Dr.soung is the best. Thanks alot guys!!!!!
Paul D.
18:03 03 Feb 21
My son Logan had Oral Surgery last Thursday and we had great experience. The staff was so friendly and welcoming. The Doctor made my son so comfortable about the procedure, as he was having 6 teeth surgically removed. My son had little to no pain after the procedure. I highly recommend this office
Kimberly M.
09:57 25 Dec 20
Great atmosphere and very friendly!!! Affordable and Reasonable!!!!
carrie K.
22:50 10 Dec 20
My daughter had her wisdom teeth removed and I am so incredibly impressed by Dr Soung but also his entire staff! They went above and beyond to make sure we were prepared for the surgery and had all the information for after as well. Dr Soung was so informative and has a fantastic bedside manner. My daughter was very worried about the surgery and they all made her feel so at home! My daughter had to have impacted teeth removed. We thought it would be really hard on her for the first few days but shockingly she has been in little to no pain! I highly recommend this establishment! IF I could give 10 stars I would!
alyssa Z.
22:49 10 Dec 20
Got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and I cannot believe the results. I have minimal pain and the staff is incredible. The swelling is not anywhere near where I thought it would be. The nurses made sure I was comfortable and talked to me the whole time. Dr. Soung talked to my mom afterwards and was very, very kind. They even gave us a lot of tips and things that I can eat and each step I should take to get a full recovery. Definitely recommend !!!
Tashea S.
22:42 02 Dec 20
Just got my wisdom teeth removed today and I have to say that my experience was phenomenal! I am terrified of needles and the nurses made me so comfortable while getting my IV. My pain level would have to be a 2 out 10. I have mild discomfort on my jaw bone but that was to be expected. Love this place everyone is so friendly! I recommend this place to anyone looking for an oral surgeon!
Sarah G.
10:40 17 Oct 20
I just had a tooth implant. The doctor and staff were great! This office is beautiful, clean and professional. Dr. Soung answered all of my questions and I am in little to no pain. I highly recommend this office. Sarah G.